SeneGence LipSense Liquid Lip Colour with No-Smudge, No-Fade, Long Lasting, Waterproof Formula. Choose from 50 colours, 11 glosses. Endless Possibilities. 

 About LipSense

Hello ladies and welcome to the most luxurious long lasting liquid lip colour range that you can be confident is going to stay fresh and vibrant throughout your day and into the evening whilst eliminating worries of traditional lipstick and stains especially for women who are mindful of their appearance when in the public eye. Lasting up to 18 hours LipSense is;

  • Get that celebrity photoready look - Endorsed and used by stars like Christina Aguilera and the new product of Broadway. LipSense is the original long lasting liquid lip colour with a truly unique non smudging, long lasting,  anti-cracking formula that gives you photoready lips all day long. Experience long lasting, intensely moisturizing, vividly pigmented lip colours that last up to 18 hours.
  • Better hydration than a lip balm - Forget liquid lipsticks that dry out your lips. We have the power of natural flower extracts and herbs to heal, calm and protect your sensitive skin plus glosses that hydrate and moisturise with Shea Butter as well as improve the longevity of LipSense colour keeping your lips feeling soft all day long.
  • Light and long lasting colour - Our formulas feel so light and luxurious that it feels like you're wearing nothing at all.  
  • 50 Colours, 11 Glosses, Endless Possiblities - With 50 cruelty free colours and 11 glosses your palette can be mixed and matched to your wardrobe. 

LipSense will truly give you your confidence back particularly when it comes to wearing vibrant and bold lip colours that catch peoples attention. Sometimes we don't realise the unconscious effect that little things that can have on our self esteem like worrying if our old lipstick has bled or feathered into fine lines around our lips, whether it's come off leaving lipstick marks on everything, smudged on our teeth or smeared around our mouth or will smear on him.

LipSense® by SeneGence truly is one of my favourite makeup products because it's unlike any conventional lipstick or stain.

Plus with over 50 LipSense colours that can be worn as a stand alone colours or used to layer and mix to create a unique colour, the possibilities to match your wardrobe are endless.

3 Tips On How To Choose Your First LipSense Colours

If you're new to LipSense choosing new colours can be a little overwhelming but here are a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Start by thinking about the colours and finish you wear on your nails. What looks great on your hands will generally look great on your lips too.
  2. Differentiate between everyday colours and evening colours thinking of an occasion or an event such as work or going out. Choose from the Nudes, Pinks, Browns, Reds and Berries shades. I've broken them into shade categories to make your selection process easier.
  3. Pay attention to the finish either Matte, Shimmer or Frost.
    • Matte will look great on everyone so they are always an easy selection.
    • Shimmer is a very fine micro glitter finish with a different shade of glitter added to the pigment for a soft effect.
    • Frosts are icy-toned shades. Whilst there's glitter in them, they sparkle subtly instead of shining brilliantly with a pearlescent finish.
  4. Always start with a Glossy Gloss and grow your collection to add different  finishes or change the look completely. (Great on matte colours)

After choosing your colours, click on the Order Now button which will take you to my official SeneSite where you can view the full range of fabulous SeneGence cosmetics and skincare such as our cream to powder finish ShadowSense which are so easy to work with for hooded eyes and another personal favourite of mine, the MakeSense Tinted Moisturisers which is great for all skin types with special ingredients that revives your skins radiance and youthful appearance.

Remember if you have any questions I am just a message away.

Scroll down to view the colours.

Limited Edition Diamond Colours








Joanna Perth, WA

I fully 100% wanted to try the products after seeing other performers wear LipSense on stage & no smearing during costume changes. I have to say LipSense is my top favourite, it’s what lead me into the business. My skin just feels amazing & soft, plus the products are light & non greasy. I recommend them to everyone including guys for the skin care because they deserve to have the benefits of great skin too.

Joanna Perth, WA Wearing Kiss For A Cause & Full SeneGence Cosmetics
Christy Alice Springs, NT

I was a bit unsure at first but I bought some LipSense to test it out and loved it! Life’s too short!! Just get in and have a lash!! So far my favourite products first and foremost are LipSense, then ShadowSense. The skincare range is AMAZING!! My skin feels so healthy and I do put this down to the SenePlex ingredient in all of the skin care products and cosmetic products. No matter what you are putting on your face….it’s getting the good stuff!! I’d recommend SeneGence to EVERYONE!!! It really works!! No bull!!

Christy Alice Springs, NT Wearing Full SeneGence Cosmetics
Courtney Geelong, VIC

Someone offered a product swap and I figured yeh why not I like lipstick! Then I got hooked.

My favourite product is ShadowSense. Its versatility is beyond comparable to any product plus after using the skin care my skin is finally starting to look and feel better. Severe acne is a thing of the past.

I’d recommend this to EVERYONE. There is literally at least one product in the range that is suitable for anyone.

Courtney Geelong, VIC Wearing Blu-Red LipSense - Date Night
Andrea Perth, WA

I didn’t believe the LipSense colour didn’t budge or smudge and thought it was too good to be true but after watching Facebook Live videos and seeing all the great results and seeing how good the products were I decided to invest in some.

So far my favourite SeneGence products are the Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturiser, LipSense Sand gloss, LipSense and ShadowSense. I’ve never really been a makeup person but with these products work so effortlessly and I can have my face done in about 5-10 minutes and I know it will last me all day.

I’d recommend SeneGence products to everyone who wants a makeup range that will last them all day.

Andrea Perth, WA Wearing Fire N Ice LipSense - Family BBQ
Kirsten Boonah, QLD

I have used various other cosmeceuticals brands before and really just wanted results. Hitting 40 and all the taunts that go with it I decided it was time to look after my skin after years of life in the QLD sun. My favourite product would have to be the facial resurfacer. My skin always feels amazing afterwards. I wish I could use it every day. Some of the benefits from SeneGence products include reduced redness on my entire face, smooth even skin with hardly any hormonal break outs, increased hydration and hearing people’s comments of how my skin looks now.

Absolutely would recommend SeneGence products to anyone who is wanting a skincare that does what it says it’s going to do!

Kirsten Boonah, QLD Wearing Caramel Apple & Orchid Gloss with Full SeneGence Cosmetics - Friends 30th Birthday Party


  • q-iconWhat is LipSense®?

    LipSense® is one my personal favourite products available in the SeneGence cosmetic range which has been specifically designed for women and makeup artists who truly appreciate long lasting lip colours.

    This semi-permanent makeup can be worn until a woman decides to remove it. I and countless women around the globe like myself were searching for a brand we can always rely on to maintain our daily makeup look which allows us to feel a lot more confident about our appearance when we are in the public eye.

  • q-iconWhy Is LipSense Better Than Other Lipsticks Or Stains?

    LipSense is not a lipstick or a stain as it is designed to bond with our lips instead of sitting on top of the skin. Molecular bonding is especially ideal if the initial condition of your lips aren’t the most hydrated.

    LipSense will stay exactly where it is applied. Colours will not feather, melt or bleed into fine lines around our lips so our face will stay looking youthful and there’s no need to colour match and buy lip liners.

    LipSense is waterproof so our colour will stay perfect even when we have a drink or eat a meal which is great for dinner dates.

    LipSense is smudgeproof so our colour will stay perfect when we kiss someone or when something comes into contact with our lips.

    All these benefits mean that we can apply our LipSense colour and get on with normal activities during our day and/or night knowing we’re always looking polished and we will feel confident that we still look beautiful.

  • q-iconWhat Guarantee Is There That LipSense Really Works?

    I can understand that there may be a little skepticism if you haven’t had a play with LipSense but you’re welcome to read through other LipSense SeneGence fans feedback here – We Love LipSense SeneGence

    Plus all SeneGence products come with a 12 month money back guarantee.

  • q-iconWhat is a LipSense Starter Collection Kit?

    As a first time purchaser of LipSense it is highly recommended everyone invests in a Starter Collection that includes 1 x colour of your choice, 1 x Glossy Gloss and 1 x Oops Remover.

    To maintain colour vibrancy and longevity Glossy gloss will seal and protect our colour whilst keeping our lips nourished and hydrated throughout the day.

    Your Oops Remover is the easiest and quickest way to tidy up any mishaps during application and the quickest and gentlest way to remove LipSense at the end of your night.

    To purchase more than 1 colour ask about the Princess and Queen Collections for extra value for money.

  • q-iconHow Many LipSense Colours Are There?

    We currently have 50 permanent LipSense shades available. Keep your eye out for Limited Editions launched each season.

    Plus we can create our own colour palette by combining or layering LipSense. 3 colours will make 27 different shades of matte, shimmer or frost with a rich or sheer finish. You decide. Talk about variety and value for money!

    Check out the current LipSense colour chart here – Permanent LipSense Colour Chart

    Share a selfie of your unique shades and you could be a winner.

  • q-iconIs LipSense SeneGence Animal Cruelty Free?

    Yes, proudly so! LipSenseShea butter glosses and SeneGence products are also Vegan friendly with no animal emulsifiers or animal by-products and none of the SeneGence products are ever tested on animals.

  • q-iconHow Do I Order LipSense

    LipSense or any of the SeneGence cosmetics and skincare range can be ordered conveniently through my online SeneSite.

    If you have any questions regarding ordering products then please email me at or through Messenger here.

Welcome To My SeneGence® Story

Hello ladies. My name is Cherrie and here is how I discovered the most luxurious cosmetics and skin care range whilst I was looking for a long-lasting lip colour that I could be confident wasn’t going to bleed, feather, smudge, dry out my lips or end up all over mine and my boyfriend’s face.

Most of my working career was spent in front of people or in a professional office environment and because every occasion is an opportunity to dress up, I made sure I looked the part, which included my daily makeup routine. However, I became disillusioned over the years with countless brands promising long lasting lip colour when the reality was they all wore off within 5 minutes or less.

Lipstick is supposed to be the cornerstone of every woman's beauty routine and an essential to every beauty bag. It's one of the few products that can finish a look, or be a look all on its own but when it comes off with the morning cup of coffee, or a sip of water, the first bite of breakfast and the kiss goodbye it almost seems pointless wearing any lipstick at all.

You know how it is ladies. Lipstick on the glass, mug, food, napkin or anything your lips touch so you can imagine how this became an extra problem when I started dating again.

Problems With Tradition Lipstick and Stains

It was during my first date that I realised there was another situation I had to handle with grace.

The first kiss can be challenging enough without worrying whether he is going to end up wearing more of your lipstick than you are.  As it turned out, we didn't kiss on the first date (hehe) and to avoid any awkward embarrassing moments I resigned myself to an unfinished look by only wearing glosses on our future dates.

But it made me realise that this lipstick issue was only one more problem to add to the growing list. Between lipstick feathering into the fine lines around my lips making my lips look even more aged or lipstick wearing off but the liner staying making me look like a clown and the extra dryness from lipsticks, glosses or balms that made my sore lips even worse, I'd lost confidence in any lip products doing what they said they did.

Then there was my expensive 'non-transfer' foundations that kept transferring and didn’t do my skin any favours at all. Don't even get me started on talcum powdered filled eye shadows that have massive fallout and are hard to work with especially on hooded eyelids! Or wax filled eye liners that melted giving me panda eyes if I wasn't careful! Ugh

Honestly, how are women supposed to feel confident and beautiful when so much of their time is spent worrying if their makeup is still looking as beautiful as when they first applied it? None of these companies made any money back guarantee that their products would work,

it was all just words. I even took a new foundation back into a store one day and explained that a foundation one of their staff recommended that clearly says "None transfer" on the bottle, transfers. I was told to take it up with the brand manufacturer. Do you think I had any response from them at all? Nope. It felt like I was making do with crappy products, wasting my time and my money. I still hoped to find something better.

LipSense SeneGence Offers The Solution

Fortunately for me (and you) divine intervention stepped into my world again through Facebook when I noticed a profile video of a woman rubbing her fingers back and forth across her lips and her colour didn’t smudge. In fact, it stayed perfect!

Initially I was a bit skeptical, but I noticed SeneGence products have a 12 month guarantee so I immediately reached out and within days I was applying beautiful pinks and reds that stay perfect (with no need for lip liner) with glosses that protect, soften, soothe, hydrate and nourish my sensitive lips keeping them supple and kissable.

I was super excited to share this magic in a tube so I took my LipSense to work and showed all the women this little miracle which they WOW'ed over too! Within two days I had signed up as an Independent SeneGence Distributor and started placing orders! I had finally found what I had been looking for and was sharing it with countless women around Australia struggling with the same embarrassing lipstick and makeup problems I used to have.

To my delight, each day since then I have fallen more and more in love with our nourishing and hydrating SeneGence cosmetics and skincare range. My lip colour stays beautiful, my lips look the best they have been in years and I can wear bold colours plus kiss the love of my life, confident my colour will stay put. My foundation matches my skin, feels lovely plus it has special ingredients that are great for rejuvenating my skin so it looks fresh and young.

Women just like me start with LipSense but soon trade all their cosmetics and skincare range to SeneGence because SeneGence products truly work.

I can't wait to see what your favourites will be.