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    It's great to meet you, my name is Cherrie and here is the story on how my blog came to life.

    Have you ever come home tired from work after spending all day in a job that is unfulfilling, exchanging all your time and energy for an income that doesn't cut it whilst your family, friends, hobbies and secret dreams fall to the way side and you think to yourself "There has to be more to life than this!" Yep, that was me too.

    Married, divorced and living life as a single mum of two young sons by the time I was 23 was isolating. I did the "right thing" to support my little family, putting my sons in family daycare whilst I worked in unfulfilling jobs, surviving pay to pay and accused by stay at home mums with husbands supporting their families, of being a bad mother who wasn't there for my children. Grrr

    To add to the angst, I was rarely satisfied with the jobs I had. There was no challenge or room for growth and I often felt unappreciated, even bullied by my seniors. I was exchanging my time away from my sons for money, knowing deep down that there had to be more to life then the daily grind, more than living pay to pay and more than working a dead end job.

    Shortly before my thirtieth birthday I came across an online platform that allowed me to connect with people from around the world. I loved coming home after work on a Friday night, having a shower and dressing up for live video calls from the comforts of home.

    My after-hours distraction gave my mind a new focus so answers were able to start filtering into my awareness. The first thing that caught my attention was a documentary called The Secret where scientists, authors and philosophers proposed the secret to leading a happy, fulfilling and successful life.

    Watching The Secret was a game changer for me. Finally given the confirmation and permission I needed to imagine a better life for myself, my hope was reignited and I ran with it. My second teachers, Esther Hicks and Abraham continued my lessons in productive ways to think which began to change the way I saw the world and how I played along in it.

    This took me along a ten year path where I invested countless hours and thousands of dollars furthering my education in personal development, including the study of NLP (how to get what you want by changing how you speak), business and online marketing, prompting me to set up a one on one coaching practice. One of the niches I enjoyed working with the most was with female entrepreneurs who wanted to overcome fears and inner conflicts so they could move forward in their businesses. Although my work was far more rewarding I was still exchanging all my time with my income only as good as the hours I had in my day.

    My life reshuffled and rebuilt several times, coming full circle again last year. I became extremely aware that commuting to work at 6am, spending 12-14 hours, 7 days a week stuck inside an office, tied to a desk, earning an hourly rate someone else decided, never being able to earn anything beyond the 24 hours I had in a day to trade, employed by a company who showed no loyalty or appreciation, then commuting home only to walk in my front door 10:30 at night, have a quick shower and go to bed ready for the same day again was definitely a massive reminder that this was not a sustainable lifestyle for anyone! I asked myself "Am I really going to be doing this for the rest of my life?"

    The answer was "No!" I needed to find a way to trade my boring office job for a rewarding career and the lifestyle of my dreams!!


    In January 2017 a girlfriend of mine invited me to try a product that I had seen her talking about on her Facebook page. When she showed me the earning capacity for simply sharing a solution with other people I knew I was onto something. I ordered the product, eager for my own results but soon realised the product wasn’t something I saw myself using long term. I declined the opportunity but my eyes had been opened to the potential of this popular business model, highly acclaimed by the likes of Warren Buffet and Richard Branson.

    In search of an alternative I came across a different product that offered solutions I didn't even know existed!

    For years I had been on the hunt for lipstick that lasted. I tried hundreds of brands, including lip stains but nothing stayed on for more than 5 minutes. As soon as I had a drink my lipstick would be all over the glass or water bottle nozzle. If I kissed my boyfriend it would be all over him. I also became really conscious that my lipstick was starting to bleed and feather into the fine lines around my lips and I couldn't find a lip liner which prevented that, so reds were out of the question. I tried lip stains but because my bottom lip constantly peels the stain would only last on the fresh skin whilst disappearing from everywhere else, making it look like I had eaten a red ice popsicle. In the end I started wearing cheap glosses (exasperating the peeling) and my makeup started to look unfinished.

    Along with my lipstick problems my 'non-transfer' foundation kept smudging all over my clothes around the neckline (so embarrassing) and onto my paperwork and the products weren't flattering, hydrating or breathable.

    Don't even get me started on eye shadows that had massive fallout, low pigment, irritating and rubbed off or eye liners that melted making me paranoid I would have panda eyes! Ugh

    Although I was looking for a business opportunity, it had to be with products I wholeheartedly believed in and would use indefinitely so when I saw a video of a woman rubbing her fingers all over her lips and her lipstick staying I couldn't quite believe it. What was this magic!?

    I reached out to a local Perth SeneGence distributor and tried a few of their colours. Can you imagine how happy I was when my lip colour actually stayed on my lips ... all day ... and all night ... no matter how much I was drinking or kissing, plus there was no need for lip liners so I could finally wear reds!!

    I had finally found solutions for countless women around Australia struggling with the same lipstick problems I used to have so I signed on as a distributor so I could share this magic in a tube!

    Each day I fell more and more in love with SeneGence cosmetics. My lipstick stayed! My foundation felt and smelt lovely on my skin and stopped transferring over everything else. I was finally able to start experimenting with eye shadows that stayed and soon discovered I could blend and use products for more than one thing. Eye shadows can be used for eye liner, highlighter, contouring and the list went on, making products even more economical.

    Not only did I find awesome products, I became part of an awesome company who was started by a woman who had been a single mum just like me. Our CEO Joni Rogers gives heaps of recognition, appreciation and rewards for women who are making extra money, changing their lives, feeding their families, retiring their husbands and spreading their wings.

    I became a SeneSister, supported by teams of women who are all there to help each other do their best with this business opportunity and we get to look great doing it. Did I also mention we get to wear crowns!


    Now that I had traded my boring office job in for my own business from home, earning in 5 minutes what I used to work over 4 hours for meant I finally had time available to learn to sew my own dresses which had been a dream of mine for years!

    As I became involved in the world of sewing (and the world of Afterpay and ZipPay) I noticed a few things; there were other women out there who no longer had time for their hobbies because of work, there were also women out there buying lots of stuff and those same women were hiding most of their spending from their husbands and partners.

    What if I could help these same women free up their time, make their own money, fund their own projects and purchases by simply offering them the same opportunity I was given, following in my footsteps?

    With a much grander dream in mind, I decided to combine my two passions, SeneGence and Sewing, sharing my journey and resources thus putting Cherrie Ann online.

    Now I tailor make each day, sharing my lifestyle and training women how to trade their boring 9-5 office job for a life of their dreams whilst we have fun and look great doing it!

    I still work hard but I love what I do, who I am doing it with and I especially love that I have free time to do the things I previously didn't have time to do.

    It's so great to meet you. Let me know how I can help you make progress towards your dreams.

    Yes, Show Me How To Make Extra Cash And Reclaim My Time Simply By Sharing Products I Love!

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