Hello friends and welcome. My name is Cherrie and this is my personal lifestyle blog.

Have you ever heard yourself think “There has to be more to life than this“? Yeah, that was me too.

As a Perth born woman currently enjoying my early 40’s with an almost empty nest and a whole lifetime ahead of me, I feel extremely grateful to have grown up surrounded by the sun and sea on the coast of Western Australia where freedom of speech is my birth right.

Although building a blog has been available to me for some time, it has taken me years to have enough know how, courage and commitment to share my inner and outer world with people on a regular basis. Being an introvert does come with it’s challenges when making new friends or keeping in touch with old friends so I am hoping this platform helps bridge the divide between us.

My twenties were spent surviving as a single parent, stuck inside my head, engulfed in thought patterns of resentment and grief over a life that wasn’t meeting my expectations, drowning without direction in the Swamp of Sadness called depression (way worse than The Bog of Eternal Stench) and having anxiety attacks that made me question my sanity.

I raged against a world that told me to accept the daily grind and fought against an inner voice that told me death was the only escape from it all. I was screaming out for answers because of an unwavering belief that “life should be better than this!” And I discovered it was.

Shortly before my thirtieth birthday I stopped asking for answers and became distracted in an online world where I could be any persona I wanted to be. I grew to relish my ability to express myself through writing, capturing my audience’s attention whilst transporting them into my world of make believe.

Much like the act of meditation, my distraction during this period gave my mind enough space away from the problem that answers were able to start filtering into my awareness and the first thing that caught my attention was a documentary called The Secret where scientists, authors and philosophers proposed the secret to leading a happy and successful life.

Watching The Secret became a game changer for me. Finally given the confirmation and permission I needed to imagine a better life for myself, my hope was reignited and I ran with it. My second teacher was Esther from Abraham Hicks (who I later found out was featured in The Secret). Esther and Abraham taught me alternative ways to think when faced with different situations which made a massive improvement to how I felt. I still use a lot of these strategies today.

During the last ten years I’ve studied with mentors to learn the science of productive thinking. I can confidently acknowledge depression is a thing of my past, that anxiety is something I understand, that even greater happiness in my future is only limited by my imagination, the patience to learn new stuff and the discipline to finish what I’ve started.

What you now see on this website is my personal development in different areas of life; be it creative expressions, exploration, mental health or ways of opening my heart. This is a glimpse into my life. Like everyone’s, it is a work of art in progress and you’re welcome to share in it along the way.

My desire for this lifestyle blog is to offer value as;

An advocate for self discovery and personal growth, sparking happiness and creativity in people’s lives.

 An advocate for exploration and adventure.

 Insight into productive thinking. 

 A reminder for people to search for and fill their lives with experiences that make them feel good.

 Time saving and money saving short cuts discovered through my own trials and errors.

Share lots of my favourite things (including pink stuff).

 Grow a community of friends.

Did I mention share lots of pink stuff? {Enter Shop Direct}

I’ll leave the introduction there for now but we can keep in regular contact because that’s what friends do.


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