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Hey, it's great to meet you! My name is Cherrie, your national LipSense SeneGence Distributor. Here is a brief introduction of myself and how I come across the most luxurious long-lasting lip colour, cosmetics and skin care range that I and thousands of women like me from all walks of life have been using to reignite our own natural beauty and confidence with products that truly work, whilst building a business that compliments my lifestyle and funds my dreams.

If you're anything like me then you may have spent all day at work, bored brainless but with no time or energy left at the end of the day to do anything fun in life, perhaps cramming everything into a Sunday and when you finally get paid at the end of the week you still don’t have enough money for all those extra things that us women love to preen and pamper ourselves with. Yep, that was me too.

Except, whilst I was trapped in the office, I was also searching for a way to get extra money to fund all my romantic ideas. I knew there had to be a way of making my day dreams a living reality.


I didn’t start out looking for my own business again but in January 2017 I approached a girlfriend of mine to try a product that I had seen her talking about on her Facebook page. When she showed me how much money I could make by simply sharing my personal experience drinking a drink I thought I was onto something. I ordered the product, eager for my own results however I soon realised that it wasn’t something I saw myself using long term. I politely declined her invitation but my eyes had been opened to the power of this popular business model, highly acclaimed by the likes of loveable Richard Branson.

The method of making extra money was there! All I needed now was products that really worked, that would compliment my current lifestyle and that I will be happy to use for the rest of my life. I am absolutely a firm believer of “Ask and you shall receive” and I love seeing the magic unfolding before my eyes. It gets me so excited!

Although I was keen to make extra money, it had to be with products that solved the problems that myself and other women were having. As it so happened I had been having issues with makeup and I had been searching for a cosmetic brand that did what it claimed to do whilst being good for my skin.

For years I had been looking for lipstick that lasted all day. I tried countless different brands all claiming long lasting amazingness but nothing stayed on my lips for more than 5 minutes. My lipstick was usually gone within the first 5 seconds of having a drink of water or a sip of coffee! You know how it is ladies, lipstick on the glass, mug, food and anything your lips touch so you can imagine how this became an extra problem when I started dating again. There was no way I was going to kiss him whilst I was wearing lipstick. What man wants to come away from a date looking like a clown with pink or red lipstick smeared around his mouth or yours?

I also became conscious that my lipstick was starting to bleed and feather into the fine lines around my lips and I couldn't find a lip liner that worked so darker colours were out! I did try lip stains but they came off in weird patches and made me look like I had eaten red ice popsicles. In the end I started wearing glosses which exasperated the dried, peeling, cracking and bleeding on my lips (which looked hideous) and my makeup always looked unfinished.

Along with my lipstick problems my expensive 'non-transfer' foundations kept smudging around the neckline of my dresses (so embarrassing) and the foundations made my face look dry and old. Don't even get me started on powdered eye shadows that have massive fallout and are hard to work with! Or wax filled eye liners that melted into panda eyes! Ugh. How are women supposed to feel confident and beautiful when we spend all day and night having to worry about our makeup coming off or smudging all over our face?

Fortunately, divine intervention stepped into my world again through Facebook when I noticed a profile video of a woman rubbing her fingers all over her lips and her lipstick didn’t smudge. In fact, it stayed perfect! I couldn't quite believe my eyes. What was this magic!?

I immediately reached out to her and within days I was sitting down with a local Perth LipSense SeneGence distributor playing makeup, trying on bright lip colours, nudes, pinks and reds, Oh my! So much awesomeness to choose from!

I bought my first colour and was excited to share this magic in a tube! I took my lip colour to work and showed all the women this little miracle which they WOW'ed over too! Within two days of purchasing I had signed up as a SeneGence Distributor and started placing orders that doubled my money! I had finally found what I had been looking for and was sharing it with countless women around Australia struggling with the same lipstick and makeup problems I used to have.

To my delight, each day since then I have fallen more and more in love with SeneGence cosmetics and skincare range. My lipstick stays beautiful and my lips look the best they have been in years and I can wear reds and kiss my man confident my colour will stay put. My foundation looks radiant, feels lovely, no longer transferring all over my clothes plus with its special ingredients, the range is great for my skin.

I was finally able to start experimenting with beautiful, easy to use eye shadows on my hooded eyelids, soon discovering that I was having a lot of fun dressing up, playing with makeup and sharing selfies ‘for business’ whilst inviting other women to come over and play makeup with me.

Not only did I find awesome products, I became part of a beautiful company who was started by a woman who had been a single mum and wanted makeup that lasted, just like me. Our CEO Joni Rogers gives heaps of recognition, appreciation and rewards to women doing their best. These women are making extra money to feed their families and pay the bills as well as, buy and renovate their homes, retire their husbands,  using the magic of SeneGence to make their dreams come true.

I became a SeneSister, supported by teams of women who are all here to help each other do their best and we look great doing it. Did I mention we also get to wear crowns! Dreams coming true right there ladies!


Within a few months I decided to go full-time, trading my boring office job for a little business I run online from home, earning in 5 minutes what I used to work over 4 hours for which meant I finally have a lot more time for all the activities that make me happiest like time with my man and time to sew my own dresses which I'd been dreaming about doing for years!

As I became involved in the world of sewing (and the world of Afterpay and ZipPay) I also noticed a few things. There are other women out there who no longer have time for their hobbies because of work and there are women out there buying lots of stuff on AfterPay and ZipPay and those same women are hiding most of their spending from their partners and husbands.

I asked myself, what if I could help these same women feel beautiful, make their own extra money to fund their projects and free up their time for fun, simply by inviting them to follow in my footsteps?

With a much grander dream in mind I decided to combine all my favourite things into one place with the desire of leaving invitations where other women can find them, leading them into a place where I openly share my journey and resources about Sewing and SeneGence.

Now I tailor make each day, sharing my SeneGence lifestyle, selling miracle lippy online and guiding other women on how to trade their boring job for the lifestyle of their dreams whilst we have fun and look great doing it!

So, this brings me back to you. It's so great to meet you. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try LipSense SeneGence products then OH WOW, you are in for a treat! You can get started by filling in the invitation to win a complete LipSense starter kit. This includes a LipSense colour, a Glossy Gloss and an Oops Remover. A winner is drawn at the end of each month! Good luck!

You’re welcome to see what else I’ve been up to by reading through my weekly blog posts!

See you soon x

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