Traffic & Income Report For June

Hello ​lovely and welcome to Cherrie Ann HQ. 

​I thought posting a Traffic and Income Report for ​Cherrie Ann each month would be a great way to monitor my successes and may even be helpful to other people who are in the process of ​setting themselves up to earn a passive income online.

​If you have read my post Can People Make Money Online? you will know that I believe without a shadow of a doubt that making a passive income online is achievable. 

The question to kick this month off is - Can I Really Make ​Money Online?

​​​June was about getting ready to make this happen ​by building ​​a conversion ready website ​that houses ​content which has the potential to passively earns an income online through affiliate marketing.


Learning is a source of entertainment for me. One way that I leverage my time is by researching and studying from YouTube whilst I'm applying my makeup which gives me between a 15 minute to hour long margin to study from. (​When I double the speed of the videos, I ​learn twice as much, twice as fast!)

​At the beginning of the month I watched a guy called Aaron Faccionlini who has a few videos on "High Paying Affiliate Programs"​. 

After a combination of my experience with an MLM company trying to stock and sell physical products and my brief experience with GAZ, I was eve​n more determined to make money online. ​

However after ​GAZ, I wanted to learn step-by-step internet marketing strategies from an affordable and reputable training platform whilst still​ focusing on recurring and high commission payouts.

​The commission payout for one affiliate product can range from a few cents to thousands of dollars. Add on recurring monthly pay​ments and the same amount of time and effort can garnish a much more lucrative source of regular income. It pays to be savvy with your time.

One program Aaron mentioned was;

Digital Altitude - After a quick search I discovered they're currently in a lawsuit by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from what I gathered is tax evasion. Not a great start so I started looking into other training platforms that have affiliate earning potential.

I came across;

Super Affiliate Network - I spent a bit more time looking into this affiliate training platform. Honestly, they almost had me at "For Those Who Know There's More To Life ..." If you read my About page​ you will know I believe "There has to be more to life than this!" So I thought "This is a sign!"

On closer inspection, it was the same set up as GAZ where the platform is designed solely to sell the program. In this case SANs chosen marketing strategy is email marketing and paid Solo ads instead of paid Facebook ads like GAZ. This mean​s a lot of financial ​gambling whilst learning on the go​ which I found stressful whilst on a really tight budget.

The SAN ​platform then upsells to more training products that you don't earn a commission from unless you have purchased the products yourself. This is what is known as a "Pay to Play" program which is fair enough and I believe means more integrity when selling but I knew this meant that there would be an external pressure from 'one-on-one coaching' (aka sales calls) to continually upgrade.

​At the same time (literally flicking between the two landing pages) I had been researching;

Wealthy Affiliate​ - This affiliate training platform gives ​anyone the option of taking one idea, ​a hobby or passion ​(something that excites or angers us) ​to create a very successful business online.

If someone doesn't have any ideas but they know they want to go ahead and start making money online then Wealthy Affiliate will help you choose a direction of your blog from over 1,000,000 different niches.

​WA are ​transparent and welcoming​. I didn't have to pull out my credit card before I ​experienced their platform. This said to me "You're welcome to come and look around because we know you're going to love it here." and I do!

When it came down to it, it was like Super Affiliate Network were standing there with their hand out waiting to take my money whilst Wealthy Affiliate had their hand out ready to help me up a big step and the only thing they asked for was my trust.

The best part is WA​ offer everything you need to get started online ​within one monthly membership ​fee.


DotCom Secrets - This little gem popped up as a sponsored ad on my Facebook and I'm so grateful I checked it out.

I'm a BIG PICTURE person who prefers having all the details ​available for me to investigate at my leisure. One of my dreams is to have a beautiful mural of the world map on my wall so I can see everywhere I want to go and everywhere I have been, all at once.

​​DotCom Secrets is like having a map on the wall that shows ​the big picture with step-by-step details to automate and grow an online business including how to present myself, how to present my information, how to communicate with people, how to follow up that communication and even what to say which is super helpful when you're staring at a blank screen and really want to put your best foot forward. 

Although a lot of this information is available freely, it is scattered all over the internet, hidden in a bunch of webinars or ​a bazillion email​ signups. To have all the information I need in one book that I can pickup and refer to immediately is an invaluable resource.


I took advantage of the upgrade and purchased the Black Box because it also includes Expert Secrets.

Expert Secrets - ​Do you have a message you want to share with the world? Do you have specialized knowledge that could help change someone else's life? Would you like to get paid for your advice? Expert Secrets helps you take all that knowledge ​inside your head, help you find your voice, package your information, build a mass movement and ​have people paying for your ​advice​.



​Direction​ - Earning a passive income online​ has always been about creating a particular lifestyle.

​I knew that I wanted to write about this lifestyle under my own name plus as suggested by DotCom Secrets, present my online business success as a case study. 

​Focusing on Making Money Online as a primary niche when you are a beginner is undoubtedly challenging however, I believe by combining primary content from a mainstream niche ​​with MMO content ​enables anyone, regardless of their experience with MMO, the ability to leverage the best of both worlds. ​

The Website Build​ - What I love the most is Wealthy Affiliate doesn't have a hidden agenda. It truly is a platform that has been created to teach anyone how to be an affiliate marketer and then provide them with quality tools to make it happen.

WA's strategy is simple. Establish a strong foundation first – such as a website with quality content within your chosen niche – ​​organically developing a trusted audience and an email list, then start looking into other marketing strategies.

Within 24 hours of being able to look around at the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I had excitedly upgraded to the Premium membership and made moves to cancel my previous hosting.

After all the hoops I've had to jump through to communicate with other providers, it was so relieving to ​work with WA's ​Help Centre​ and​ Site Support. Immediate access and communication from the same platform (instead of a separate login ticket system) made it super easy to switch over my domain​​.

​Once that was sorted I got to work setting up my website using my existing Thrive Themes.

I've had a lot of experience using templates and I always found that they didn't give enough flexibility when it came to design so I opted to build out my site with Thrive Themes meaning I can make my site look anyway I choose plus have some pretty powerful plugins at my disposal when it comes time to creating a sales funnel.

One of my struggles though was knowing what to ​share ​on my About page.

WA has a little template to follow but I thought it important to share more than a bio blurb so I feel this page is still a work in progress and I'm going to refer to my DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets books for some inspiration.

As always, I tried to model myself after other people's success and on this occasion I designed my site around a combination of other sites.

John Chow - John Chow is best known for showing the income power of blogging.

Pinch of Yum - Lindsay and Bjork transitioned into full-time bloggers and are "living this crazy work-for-yourself-and-talk-about-food-online dream".

This duo also ​developed Food Blogger Pro for people who want to learn how to start, grow and monetize their food blog.

Fat Mum Slim - Fat Mum Slim is a blog space where Chantelle, an Australian blogger shares her inspired life and everything that entails. She also developed the Photo A Day challenge.

Plugins​ - Here are a few plugins that I've used this month.

  1. All-in-One WP Migration installed by WA's Help Centre​ to transfer my existing website ​which had a little content on it.
  2. Yoast SEO to help ​make ​my site as search engine-friendly as possible.
  3. ​Most of the Thrive Theme plugins to ​build out parts of my site and all my posts.
  4. Google Analytics ​which ended up providing a massive boost to my confidence at the end of the month​​​.​​

Social Media​ - I've made a Google+ account and updated all my existing social media pages​ so they ha​ve the same name and URL​.


Website Indexed By Google - I've been building websites on and off for several years so imagine my surprise when I got an email within 24 hours of ​transferring my ​website, congratulating me for having my website indexed by Google. That had never happened before and it happened without having to lift a finger!

This truly excited me, spurring me on even more because it emphasized the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that has the tech to really support my growth from the get-go.

Traffic and Income Report

June 2018 Website Performance

I haven't done anything with my social media accounts in some time. I'm going to put a planner together so ​all my posts becomes as consistent and as automated as possible. I'll also find a way to monitor social media analytics in one place, hopefully with Google Analytics because it is reliable and free.

  • RSS Subscribers: 0 (Still have to link this up)
  • ManyChat Subscribers: 15
  • Google+ Followers: 0
  • Facebook Fans: 711
  • Twitter Followers: 2
  • Instagram Followers: 96
  • Pinterest Followers: 25

​I've only added my website URL to my social media pages (that I haven't been using) but people ​from around the world followed the link to my website.

June 2018 Website Performance

The build of my website is complete enough that I'm able to focus more on writing and posting some content so I'm looking forward to seeing how a few posts will effect the traffic report next month.

At first I thought I had only had 1 or 2 random visitors but then my Google Analytics showed a complete picture (ahhh the big picture with details!)

The bounce rate was super high but that is to be expected on an incomplete site.

I started to imagine how quickly this can grow once everything is working in unison together.

June 2018 ​Affiliate Performance

Wealthy Affiliate: I started to realize the power of my website (as incomplete as it was) when I looked over my Wealthy Affiliate stats and found ​data that surprising showed I had been getting unique clicks from my website links.

Total Estimate Earnings For June 2018

$0: Although I haven't made money online this month, I ​believe that it is only a matter of ​consistency before I'm earning $10k a month! 

​The secret to having it ALL is knowing you already do. 

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When I first began I had a ​​vision and a vague idea of who I wanted to share my site with. As I defined my audience, I became ​clearer on how my site should look, what I should share and how I will ​find my audience when I start paid advertising​. 

​For the first time since I started this journey many years ago, I feel at peace with what I am doing.​ I strongly believe this is because the vibe ​in Wealthy Affiliate is about investing time into building a strong foundation instead of gambling money ​through paid advertising, hoping for a quick return​. ​

​Wealthy Affiliate makes managing my website a lot easier, eliminating a heap of frustration and time wasting. I've also become part of a community I ​know has the ability to support my growth from the beginning.

​It dawned on me a week ago that it was time to trust myself ​and I liken it to all the years I had wanted to touch type. 

Despite the fact I had been typing for nearly 20 years I kept looking at the keys which slowed my typing speed down considerably.

One day my desire to type faster ​​outweighed the need to get everything perfect​ (which never happened anyway). I remember simply ​trusting myself to make it happen. I knew where the ​letters were. I'd known for years. ​I stopped looking down at my fingers, applied what I already knew and ​within minutes I was touch typing! Sure, I still make a few mistakes but it's still ​faster to trust myself rather than second guess myself all the time.

Although I haven't earned​ an income this month what I have done is built a strong foundation, put myself on the map and started adding some details that is already gaining traction.

My commitment and confidence has grown and I'm ever more sure that I made the right decision to change my lifestyle and make a passive income online.

Thanks for taking a peek at the inner workings of ​Cherrie Ann HQ. ​I'm excited to learn more about making money online.

Every month​ I'll share my resources, what I've learnt and the results I've had in the meantime, please let ​me know if there is any information (traffic, specific analytics, additional resources) ​I can share that would be helpful or interesting for you to know.

For now, please accept ​my invitation to join ​me in this venture!

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