You're Right!
There Is Definitely More To Life
Than Working 9-5!

If you've ever wondered if there is a way to be completely free, have time to be with people you love, do the things you want to do, explore the world plus generate an income that offers long term security, then you aren't the only one...

See how thousands of us are doing what we love & traveling the world by starting and growing a simple laptop business online.

Hello peoples, welcome. My name is Cherrie Ann.

The story I want to share with you begins back in 2007. I was working the boring 9-5 office job, raising my two sons on my own (who spent most of their time in school, after school care or holiday programs) with never enough time or money to do anything else.

A few months earlier I had taken myself off anti-depressants that caused more problems than they claimed to cure and I was still at a loss about what to do with my life.

It seems simple right? Get a decent paying job, go to work, earn some money, pay the bills and wear a smile.

The thought of living my next 40 years like that was depressing!

I was unfulfilled, my life was stagnating, living day to day, pay to pay with dreams long forgotten.

Something deep inside me would not accept that this was all there was to life, yet so many people seemed to be living the 9-5 grind. 

I kept thinking that surely they must be as unfulfilled as I was and that there MUST BE A BETTER WAY TO LIVE!

As it turns out, I was right. 

Mindset Makeover

My view of the world all started to change when I watched a documentary called The Secret.

This transformational film confirmed my suspicions that there IS more to life than I had been seeing. It gave me the permission I had needed to re-imagine a better future and started me on my journey of possibilities. 

This lead me on a path of rediscovery and self-development.

I invested countless hours studying with Esther and Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Einstein, Issac Newton, John Demartini, Tony Robbins, The Coaching Institute (to name a few), immersing myself deeper and deeper so I could truly understand why we experienced the world in the ways we did and how happiness is achievable. 

These mentors challenged and reframed my beliefs, teaching me invaluable strategies for success that gave me new, healthier perspectives on life.

In 2010, I wanted to share what I had learnt so under the guidance of The Coaching Institute, I created a life coaching practice that helped other women identify their own patterns of limiting beliefs and move forward in different areas of their life.

It was during this time that my interest in business, specifically different methods of marketing online, grew.

I'd sit for hours, devouring online content, intrigued and excited about the prospect of earning multiple streams of income.

I was gathering more and more evidence from people who had changed their lives, that my life could and would change too. 

My eyes had been opened to a whole new world.


The next few years my life felt like a house of cards, continually being reshuffled and rebuilt. It was some of the most stressful times of my adult life but out of that came some of my biggest lessons and my greatest love.

During that time a devastating storm twisted the house in half leaving us homeless and a couple of short weeks later, a ridiculous accident left me with only a backpack containing one single change of clothes.

However, the night of the accident, I was able to reflect that despite my circumstances, I could look forward. I had something I hadn't had before. I had a dream and because of that, I knew, eventually I would come out on top.

That night was the first time I truly realised that my depression was a mindset of my past. I felt liberated!

The Problem

After a somewhat interesting life journey, I found myself having come full circle working back at a boring office job. Every day was Ground Hog Day.

Commuting to work by 6am, spending 12-14 hours, 7 days a week stuck inside an office at a desk, becoming unhealthier and to top it off, earning an hourly rate someone else dictated I was worth. 

Then commuting home, only to walk in my door 10:30pm, have a quick shower and go to bed, ready for the same day again.

I was trading ALL my time, all MY LIFE, for a few dollars. Never able to earn beyond the 24 hours we all have in our day.

By now, I knew there was more to life than a job that steals away all our time by employers who don't respect or appreciate us, left with barely any time for family, friends, fun, the variety we crave or personal growth.

I became extremely aware this lifestyle isn't sustainable. It doesn't offer security, happiness or personal fulfillment

As I sat at work, I racked my brains for a solution that would give me the opportunity to generate an income of my own choosing, in a way that is fun and give me time to live my life, explore my interests, explore the world and spend time with people I love!

I wanted to put the LIFE back in living!

The Solution

In January 2017 a girlfriend of mine invited me to try a product that I had grown curious about whilst watching her Facebook page. 

When she showed me the earning potential for sharing the products and opportunity with people, I knew I had found a solution. 

I ordered the product, eager for my own results but soon realised it wasn't feasible for a long term endeavour, so I politely declined the business. However, my eyes had been opened to this powerful and popular business model that thousands of us are familiar with.

A month later I came across another company that used the same model with products I truly love. They offer heaps of rewards and recognition but within a few short weeks, although I was making quick cash, I was still not able to achieve the autonomy and freedom I was striving for.

I committed myself to the business for a year. Sadly, as great as the women and the company is (I really wanted those tiara's!) and the products are (I still use them today) I was overwhelmed, stressed and noticed more and more of my time was being invested into a business that was going to tie me down.

Trying to build a kit, constantly manage stock of 100+ products, keep up with new products, limited products, out of stock issues, being available for 'try before you buy' customers, trying to set up for branding, marketing, pamphlets, parties, demo's, source new leads, on top of preparing to train a team, was consuming more and more of my time, leaving less time for me to do what I wanted to do and be where I wanted to be.

I became even more determined to create a business online that allowed me to have the freedom to travel anywhere at anytime for however long I choose and still be able to earn an income.

The business model was almost right except I wanted a hands off approach when it came to managing stock and I had learnt that I only wanted to deal with a handful of products.

The Dream Business. The Dream Lifestyle.

Fast forward a little and I'm finally able to live the lifestyle most people are still day dreaming about.

Now I have complete freedom with an instant online business that compliments my life and I know will compliment other people's lives too so I'm proud to share the opportunity. 

Thousands of people, including myself, have used a training system that allows us to: 

  •  Build and grow our business 100% online from anywhere in the world that we have access to an internet connection. This means I can leverage my life and my time. I'm free to go wherever my laptop can go. I can pack my laptop, live the honeymoon lifestyle, indefinitely traveling and exploring the world with my honey and still earn an income because I can access everything I need via the internet. OR I can be at home having fun exploring my other interests (like sewing) or using my time during mundane tasks. (At the time of writing some of this, I was sitting in a dental clinic!)
  • 90% of the work is done for me and the system teaches how to put our own finishing touches to the last 10%
  • The system is designed for beginners. I didn't get overwhelmed with information, to do lists or to buy lists. If I wandered off, I didn't get lost, I'd simply pick up where I left off. Talk about focus and direction.
  • Don't want to close a sale? The system does it for me!!
  • Belong to a community of leaders who not only understand and support the lifestyle, they are already living it so they show you how to get there too, step by step.

An incredible sense of relief washes over me when I remember how much I struggled to get started in my last businesses, compared to now.

Now I have a calm sense of direction and purpose. I am confident what I share gives me and others true freedom to live our lives and earn multiple sources of income.

By investing in a simple 3 Step Laptop Freedom Formula I now have the time and freedom to pursue the lifestyle I love.

Instead of being stuck in an office, working a boring 9-5, I'm able to work from my laptop, anywhere in the world which means I can travel with my honey to beautiful places. (Our next stop is New Zealand in October!) ?

Instead of stressing and spinning my wheels, trying to set up a business that never seems to get going, I've done the work once, ready to plug and play without investing more and more time and money just to get started.

Instead of hassling family, friends, neighbours I'd never met or strangers in the street to have a party, come to a free demo or buy my stuff, I've learnt how to spend time doing what I love doing whilst inviting people who are genuinely interested in this lifestyle.

Instead of someone telling me what to do, when to do it and how much I will be paid, I choose what to do, when I will do it and how much I want to earn! The potential is limitless.

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